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The 11 Best Miami Beach Hotels

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Ready to stay in style in Miami Beach before your next cruise? We have the 11 best Miami Beach hotels listed for your next vacation. Also check out our Miami Park and Cruise hotels.

Miami Beach is everything you’ve heard about, but you have to see it for yourself. Take an Art Deco tour of Miami Beach to fully appreciate the area’s signature architecture. The South Beach Art Deco District is a whimsical collection of more than 800 architecturally protected buildings in Miami Beach from the 1930s and 1940s – a definite must-see. You’ll also find some of Miami Beach’s finest dining, nightlife and spas here.

North Beach’s Ocean Terrace is fast becoming a smaller version of South Beach, with inviting oceanfront hotels and cafés. Regardless, be sure to go for a beachside stroll or to Haulover Park for fishing, bike rides, tennis or golf. And, of course, Miami Beach’s nightlife always concludes an unforgettable vacation day.

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